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„European style with American service, within your reach. “

ADI’s main focus is designing and distributing quality European kitchen collections in North America. We are the exclusive North American dealer of Czech Republic’s Hanak, makers of European kitchen cabinets. Hanak is the largest kitchen manufacturer in that region. The kitchens are manufactured in their 200,000 sq. ft production facility.

Hanak has a 15 year history of meeting top European standards for quality and offering its customers uncompromising selection of styles, finishes and sizes in both standard and custom-made kitchens. To be exact 5000 combinations of style color and finish. All Hanak products are backed by a manufacturer’s three-year warranty.

One reason Hanak is widely expanding, is flexibility in sizing. Because Europeans are used to dealing creatively with space, they offer far more extensive and customizable lines. We have installed over 2500 of these kitchens in US. And always our USA products are adjusted to US standards and US appliance sizes, while remaining at a standard price!

Compared to a typical Italian kitchen, we have many more standard modules which are available with great mix and match capability. Hanak also offers a wide assortment of door options, which include stained glass inserts, mesh inserts, and more. Highly customized design and round cabinets are offered at standard prices as well. If you decide to modify or enlarge your kitchen after a time, segments of a given series will always be available. Discover Hanak and discover living in style and luxury – after all you owe it to yourself.

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