Absolute Distributors, Inc
About Us

About Us 

Absolute Distributors, Inc. (ADI) is an importer and exclusive US distributor of a European kitchen line that represents a versatile contemporary lifestyle. Our products are sold to builders, developers and consumers through a network of dealers, reps and showrooms which we have in many major markets across the country. For the past five years our affiliates have installed over 2500 of kitchens to satisfied customers from east to west coast. Our kitchen collections help your projects prosper whether its urban condominiums or luxury custom homes.

Our History
ADI was created on success of our sister company Absolute Builders, which has been involved in condo and custom homes development for over 10 years. However ADI primary focuses on kitchen projects. By incorporating variety of carefully selected European products into its projects, ADI has gained competitive edge and increased sales and profits. Over years we have built strong relationships with multiple overseas vendors and jointly developed knowledge on how to best utilize their product in the US construction and remodeling market place and maximize value to the customers. Our purpose is to expand the reach of the products we represent to the key US markets by partnering with dealers and representatives.

Our Service & Benefits
ADI serves is a single point of contact that allows its dealers to choose from wide selections of unique European design products while offering its vendors access to the established sales channels for entering and growing in the US markets.ADI management and staff are committed to providing our partners with an opportunity to grow by adding new lines without high initial investment at competitive prices. Our absolute quality service includes centralized ordering and logistics, customer service, product training, technical support and warranty claims for all product lines.